We offer specialize branding on your tables and matching benches, We have supplied restaurants and large parks, and niche markets our quality ranges of Tables. 

We do a standard:

Top Notch Range pricing                                        Budget range 

10 Seater R5500                                                       10 Seater   R

8 Seater   R4100                                                       8 Seater    R

6 Seater  R3200                                                       6 Seater    R

4 Seater  R2800                                                       4 Seater     R

2 Seater R1150                                                          2 Seater     R

You can choose any stain of your choice to suit your wants and needs.

We have two ranges to choose from: I'm on a budget range, and  our Top notch range. The price difference is wood quality.